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New Belgium Belgo

May 30, 2012 by Ryan

This is New Belgium’s Belgian Style IPA. I have heard of this combination of Belgium style with traditional IPA hops referred to as “White IPA”.

New Belgium Belgo

New Belgium Belgo

Pub Glass

The head started off a nice fluffy white almost an inch in height. After about a minute or so it settled down to about an half an inch or so.

I really liked the smell of this beer. It gave off great fruity aromas that were well-balanced with the yeast. As I poured it out of the bottle the smell wafted up and delighted my nose.

Very light in color leaning closer to yellow like a hefewiezen.

There was a great hint of malts in the middle of the sip with the hops coming in at the end for a great finish. I really enjoyed the fresh flavors and got a lot of citrus, fruit and orange.

This had a great fluffy feel in my mouth with a good balance of bitterness from the hops that was all over my tongue.

Fort Collins, CO



$1.99 for a 12oz. bottle

Purchased From:
Whole Foods Market

Vegetarian or Vegan:
Vegan friendly beer

Bottom Line:
I really liked drinking this beer. It looked and smelled very appealing too! Check this one out. It is a great beer for warmer weather. I know I will be buying more of it.

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  1. The hop bills for these beers remind us how extreme the style is meant to be. Dave Hiest of Hoptown Brewing in California won the gold for his IPA, but really wanted it for his DUIPA Imperial Ale, which is double dry hopped and overall has 100 pounds of hops in a 13-barrel batch.
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