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Vegan Iron Chef’s Scrambletown

June 19, 2012 by Jessica

Ryan and I had a great weekend enjoying some of the fabulous things our new city offers. On Saturday we went to the Vegan Iron Chef’s Scrambletown. This tofu scramble competition actually let the audience taste the scrambles! We probably should have gotten some pictures of the scrambles, but the pressure was on to try them before they ran out. Although I do wish we had more pictures to share with this blog post, I’m not sorry that we decided to focus on eating! :-D

Ryan bought a few raffle tickets, and although he proclaimed that he never wins these things, we walked away with two prizes :-) The first was a generous “breakfast bag” that was stuffed full of goodies including a packet of the amazing Vegg vegan “egg yolks”, a Skinny Bitch cookbook, Stash tea, a whisk, Bob’s Red Mill products, and more! We also got a Dave’s Killer Bread tee shirt. We enjoyed eating the delicious bread donated by Dave’s, and Ryan is looking forward to sporting his new shirt.

Scrambletown raffle prizes

Our Scrambletown raffle haul!

We loved the scrambles, Tofurky products, and tasty bread with vegan honey. We also enjoyed chatting with our fellow table mates. We left the event feeling quite satisfied. I think stuffed would probably be a more accurate description!

The chefs came from a variety of backgrounds including local food business owners and bloggers. The scrambles ranged from curries, Southwestern style, nachos, classic with herbs, tater tots, to spicy BBQ. Although all of the scrambles were excellent, the winner of the event was Heidi Lovig of Heidi Ho Organics, and the People’s Choice winner was Jeff Ridabock of Homegrown Smoker. Well done chefs! We look forward to the next Vegan Iron Chef event!


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  1. Ryan says:

    I had a great time. My top picks were Homegrown Smoker’s hash, and the sweet apple pie with candied nuts. So yummy!!!

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